Salaries in call centers in Tunisia: little evolution

Tunisian law firm WorkoSolutions carried out a study in Tunisia in 2012 with ten call centers. The goal? Bring a picture of salaries on Tunisian platforms.

The study done by the firm WorkoSolutions is interesting in more than one way. Realized in 2012, about ten years after the opening of the first call center in Tunisia, and two years after the “Jasmin revolution”, the results provide information on wages in the centers of calls, but also on the possibilities of evolution.

First observation, teleoperator salaries remain low. The average salary is around 214 euros for a beginner advisor. Intermediate employees earn 238 euros for confirmed, their salary is 268 euros. By way of comparison, in Morocco, compensation, depending on the position, starts at 300 euros and can go up to 790 euros depending on the mission.

A team leader is paid between 350 and 446 euros. The salary of a manager varies from a range of 430 to 719 euros, depending on experience. In Morocco, a supervisor earns between 600 and 800 euros.

These average salaries certainly do not take into account the variable part of the remuneration, however, the results clearly show that, compared to the wages of the Sherifian Kingdom, another home of the offshore call centers, they are much smaller. And if we compare them with those of a study carried out by APIX in 2008, remunerations simply have not evolved.
Glass half full for some, glass half empty for others. Companies will be able to boast to their customers and investors of price stability in Tunisia, employees will only regret the situation.

Regarding working time, five of the ten call centers offer 40 hours of work, 4 others, 42 hours. A call center is distinguished and offers its employees, either a half-time of 33 hours or a full time of … 48h! Here again, the situation seems frozen. No common rule has been instituted.

In conclusion, the firm emphasizes that the call center sector in Tunisia does not have a homogeneous remuneration policy for top management positions. It also highlights that the evolution possibilities for teleoperators are reduced.
If call centers create local employment, management positions do not seem to be promised to Tunisian employees. According to WorkoSolutions, companies prefer to appeal for these positions to expatriates because “the mobilization and the culture of challenge and ambition” would be lacking in the local culture.

Will France really lose 8,000 jobs in its call centers?

The call centers, providers of the hexagonal Telecom operators, see red. Grouped in the Union of Contact Center Professionals (SP2C), they say that the sector will lose 8,000 jobs in (their?) Call centers by 2014. What has happened in this sector? economy which announces since 10 years a positive growth?
In 2011, the SP2C trumpeted with a turnover by its members increased by 10.1% to 2.24 billion euros. Although 23% of this figure was achieved offshore, call centers located in France were performing well.
So why, since November 2012, and again this month, the SP2C communicates about the disappearance of jobs in call centers? Is there fire in the house “outsourcers”?

“Free was a bomb for us,” said Laurent Uberti, president of SP2C in the “Journal du Dimanche.” They are not guilty, but it’s a fact: their arrival caused a tsunami in our sector. ”

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